Born in 1981 in Algeria, Ousama nickname (AKSIL) is originally from Aures. His Berber identity was the first source of inspiration for his works. During his contact with the artists of his city and with the students of Fine Arts School of Batna, AKSIL started to find and build his personal artistic and his philosophy. 

He was influenced by the Masters of the Art of the European renaissance such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Paul Rubens. He reproduces several of these famous artists’ paintings. 

Between 1996 and 2001 AKSIL lived through the Algerian Civil War, which had a huge impact on his artistic creations. During that time art was generally considered forbidden and Islamic groups prohibited any practice of art. 

In 2001 AKSIL took the risk to travel to Algiers to apply to the Superior School of Fine Arts. He was successfully enrolled in the 1st year of oil painting specialty in the studio of the artist KERIM SERGOUA. The latter had a huge impact on his artistic personality later. 

During his residency at the “Mahieddine Campus” of the Superior School of Fine Arts, in the heights of the Algerian capital, he began to learn another form of art and another different artistic expression. 

AKSIL thinks that Van Gogh’s letters for his brother Theo are indeed addressed to all artists where he has the impression of speaking to him when he reads them. 

The constant resourcefulness and ever new initiatives. He opens all doors as they present themselves. In spite of being in a context that imposes many limitations on him, finds new ways to express himself as an artist, the gestures in the works of artists rely on spirituality and the multidimensional. 

AKSIL currently lives in the United States where he is a member of the International Association of Art in the USA and the OHIO ART LEAGUE. He is working on many hot topics and dealing with them in a professional artistic manner.